Videogame, Incrustation of indexical images

Videogame, 10′, 2021

In The 5th Interaction, we take on the role of a space explorer who comes to a desolate planet to challenge the mystical beings who have been hunting her for hundreds of years. She faces many dangers, including the strange presences that roam the planet, compressing all organic matter in their path. These presences have been conceived as beings pulsating between several dimensions, represented as gaping mouths on other worlds. What could be better than to represent these alien worlds through live-action images, an image regime radically foreign to the game’s diegesis?

Representing otherworldly worlds with the real is tantamount to inverting the fiction/real schema: the real is distanced in such a way as to reinforce the reality of fiction, establishing the latter as the master reality. By representing this elsewhere with the means of the real, by extension, aren’t we virtualizing the player’s reality? This sense of inlaying real images often recurs in the mediums of simulation, and can be found in representations of dreams, hallucinations and the afterlife.

With Icare Bamba, Mathieu Belkhenchir, Aloïs Carrez, Thomas Imbert, Julen Laborde, Elise Malbec, Fany Passet, Aurelien Rivat. The animators : Miguel Saura Drago, Theophile Lecroart. And the comedians : Adrien Madinier, Giulia De Sia.

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