Videogame, master thesis about incrustation of indexical images

Interactive digital art, 13′, 2022

Emilia 405 is the interactive experience link to a research thesis on the integration of indexical images in video games. The experience is a narrative walking simulator with a strong metadiscursive dimension. The player is sent into a simulation to solve a problem linked to subject E.405, a virtual copy of a certain Emilia, a criminal under surveillance using simulation prediction technologies. Gradually, it becomes clear that a larger problem is at work, one that seems to disrupt the very nature of the simulation.

The game integrates indexical images in a metadiscursive and fictional sense, showing both Emilia’s relationship to her double, and the model and her original in the process of digital creation.

The process of creating Emilia’s 3D model using photogrammetry.

With the help of Icare Bamba and Guillaume Alves.

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