Interactive installation

Installation, radios, speakers, LED systems, electronic switches, Arduino, 15′, 2021

As part of an internship, I worked with the Centre d’études et de recherche en informatique et communications (Cédric), a laboratory affiliated to the Cnam in Paris. My supervisors were carrying out research into the capture of emotions and its applications in the interactive arts. For my part, my work involved the design and prototyping of an emotionally adaptive pervasive game: an in situ game, based on electronic hardware devices, which adapts in real time to the player’s emotions.

My proposal relied heavily on breathing. On the one hand, scenery objects breathed, and on the other, the player could activate switches by holding their breath. Added to this, the player’s emotional states, deduced from the physiological sensors we had at our disposal, transformed the ambience of the room in real time (light and sound).

With Victor Couturieux, Icare Bamba and the Cédric.